Student. From Aarhus. Digital design. Apps, websites and user interfaces. Keep it simple. Sport, gaming and movies.

About me

My name is Andreas Vendelbo and I’m a graphic design student from Aarhus, Denmark. I graduated college in summer 2018, where I was studying Communication/IT and Design. Now I'm doing an intership with Redia as part of my Graphic Design education.

I think the best projects are created in a good cooperation with the client, so that we find the perfect design solution for your needs. My motto is “Keep it simple, stupid”, which is what I do in designing. My style is therefore based in a minimal, simple and modern style.

When I’m not designing, I enjoy gaming, watching sports and movies. I'm passionate about designing and love doing it in my spare time as a form of trying new concepts and experiments.


I’ve been using Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator InDesign) for many years, where I want to specialize in digital design. I also have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS and have coded websites from scratch using Webflow (like this site).

I've also been working with Sketch App almost daily for the last couple of years, where I'm still learning about design systems.

In the digital design world, I like dealing with app design, web design and branding projects. I've always believed that it is important to expand your skillset, which is why I'm also trying to get into motion design, photography and movie making.

Design fields

Web design

Web development

User interface

App design

Brand identity