Netflix Redesign
Web design

A new experience

This redesign project of Netflix has focused on creating a light theme user interface with focus on visual design. I wanted to make the interface more appealing and display the movie images in an interesting way. The biggest influence on the new design is the sidebar menu, which makes the user able to navigate between web pages at all times.



The movie page

This page is important to Netflix. I decided to focus on the movie cinematics, where the background image of the movie/show is the main eye catching element. By doing this, I wanted to achieve a different and unique page for each show.

By having a very simplistic view for this page, I had to keep some of the content hidden. Therefore, the interface includes a navigation tab to the right, which gives the user the ability to toggle between different information. This information is changing on movies and shows, as it holds different options and features such as episodes.

Movie page

TV-series page

Redesigned for the mobile platform

Mobile screens