Music Player
User Interface design

About the project

The goal for this music player project was to experiment with the visual elements of the artist pages and rethink some of the inspiration sections. I wanted to make a music player that is both intuitive and easy to navigate.

Each artist has its own color for their page, that is being used for the header and fullscreen mode. I did this to give the feeling of a playful and exciting experience, when discovering different artists.

This is a fictive and personal project with the purpose of improving my user interface skills, where a lot of the inspiration has come from the Spotify and iTunes design.




Discovering music

The popular page is a place, where you can see what's trending in the music world. You can discover music from the most popular artists in the world and see the latests releases. I also wanted to add video content, which is expanding the idea of a music player only being a platform for audio.

Overall, the design is focused on the content itself and allows the user to get inspired and find new music.



Fullscreen mode

This mode is using the artist header image as a blurred background. I did this to keep the focus on the content. It's therefore the same visual language that is being used from the idea of having a playful experience. The user is able to see which song is currently being played, but also the songs that is in the queue.

Movie page

TV-series page

Designed for the mobile platform

Mobile screens